Jay and Paula Heckathorn Teleprompting


FTN Group, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH

Presidential Teleprompters
15" flat panel system

On-camera Teleprompters
9" monitor (23 lbs)
10" flat panel (12.5 lbs)
12" flat panel (13 lbs)
15" flat panel (18 lbs)

PowerPoint design
for pre-show and show dates


Jay Heckathorn
513.617.9344 cell

or Paula Heckathorn
513.703.9881 cell

Contact Jay or Paula for availability and pricing. 

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Here are a few people that we have had the privilege to work with:

Chris Collinsworth
Bruce Willis
Christopher Meloni
Joan Lunden

Kid Rock
Montgomery Gentry
Secretary of State - Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State - John Kerry

Senator Mitch McConnell

Senator Elizabeth Warren
Secretary of State Kentucky - Alison Lundergan Grimes
President Barack Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama
Governor Mitt Romney
Speaker of the House - John Boehner
First Lady Laura Bush
Governor Sarah Palin
Vice President Joe Biden
Mr. Carl Lindner
Nick Clooney
Priscila Presley
Harrison Ford
Julie Andrews
Candice Bergan
Cliff Robertson
John Glenn
Neil Armstrong
Chuck Yeager
Amy Grant
Naomi Judd
Peter Frampton
Florence Henderson
Peter Cetera
Sir George Martin
.. and many others